Why Should You Choose
Advanced Medical Consulting and Billing
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  • Use of the most up-to-date electronic technology.

  • Savings on payroll expenses and storage space.

  • Knowledge of all types of insurance form requirements.

  • Assistance in the credentialing process.

  • Alleviates time consuming questions from your patients.

  • A billing team with a diversity of experience.

  • No need for yearly purchases of expensive billing software and maintenance contracts



Over the recent years, medical insurance billing has seen drastic changes in insurance regulations, claims processing and submission. Many of these changes have had an enormous impact on medical practices and many offices have been forced to spend an enormous amount of time and money to keep up with these changes.  As a result, more and more offices are turning to outside billing services in order to minimize capital spent on software systems (which also require support contracts), updated computer systems, and Internet service contracts.  These are only a few examples.  As technology, carrier and HIPPA requirements change, your staff may be spending more time than you can afford just keeping up with the changes.  As we move more and more into the electronic age, vast amounts of transactions are being conducted online.  



~ Within 24 hours upon receipt of your claims we will send your claims electronically to the appropriate insurance companies.  We use the fastest means available to us to get your claims to the insurance companies.  This results in faster payments and allows us more time to follow up with denied claims.


~  Through this process electronic claims will be returned electronically by the payer, funds are deposited directly to the providerís account and the explanation of payment is then inputted electronically back into our computer system.  This capability is available with most major insurance payers, such as Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Through this technology there are less data entry errors, providers receive payments faster, and time is feed up to work on any denial or other issues that need immediate attention. 


~ We use professional quality patient Statements.  We review each patient statement before sending to help minimize errors. We also have the ability to add personal messages to help the patients understand why they are receiving their bill.  This is important in todayís world of Health Care as patients are being held responsible for more and more of the charges every day.  Your patients will also have the ability to pay their bills online through your own website, or one that we can set up for you. 

Certified Professional Coders

~  Through the American Academy of Professional Coders we have on staff coders.  We offer a wide variety of coding experience from Internal /Family Medicine, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Chiropractic, and Physical Therapy & Psychiatry.  We look forward to being able to provider chart auditing services in the near future.


~  At AMC&B we have experience with credentialing through most insurance companies, especially Medicare.  We can offer advice or complete the forms for you.  Please contact us today if you are in need of credentialing services!!!!

Regular updates
on Insurance
Medical Coding

~ We update (our link) with updated information that we consider important for our providers to know!    We provide news from various insurance companies as well as the most recent coding tips or updates.


~ Our office has begun taking the necessary measures for ICD-10 implementation.  Have you?  Please visit our link to learn more about ICD-10 today!



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