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July 30, 2010

Dear Provider,

                ICD-10, it’s coming whether you are ready or not!

                ICD-10 is a unique set of codes composed of alpha and numeric characters that will completely replace the current ICD-9 diagnostic codes every office uses daily.  Effective October 1, 2013, offices will be expected to completely convert from the current ICD-9 diagnosis codes to the new ICD-10 codes.  The country will evolve from 17,000 diagnostic codes to 141,000 new codes.  This is over eight times the amount of codes we have today!  The implementation of ICD-10 is predicted to be a very expensive and time-consuming process.  If you are not familiar with ICD-10 or have not yet begun your implementation plan, you should start today by taking a look at your current claims processing system. 

If you currently are doing your billing in house, now is the time to consider using an outside billing service.  All medical software systems will be required to have both ICD-9 and ICD-10 capabilities for two years after the implementation date.   This means all new software, support contracts and possibly computer upgrades.  Not to mention the amount of time and money spent in training your entire staff for the changes.  These are all costs you can avoid with an established billing service like Advanced Medical Consulting & Billing, Inc. (AMC&B).

If you are already using an outside billing service, have you spoken with them about their implementation plan?  Is your current billing service taking the necessary steps to educate and prepare themselves?  If you are not sure, now is the time to consider if they are the right billing service for you! 

At AMC&B we are preparing ourselves everyday for ICD-10 by reading the latest articles, attending seminars, webinars and audio conferences.   Our goal is to not only prepare ourselves, but our doctors and staff as well, for as minimal an impact as possible.  On our new website we have a link dedicated to ICD-10.  Here we will post any important articles regarding the ICD-10 implementation and sets of crossover diagnoses so that we can all start familiarizing ourselves today!  As certified coders we will be required to complete a proficiency exam on ICD-10 coding.   Wouldn’t you want a team of certified coders handling your claims through this implementation process?  You can make that happen by contacting us!



Patricia P. Wood, CPC







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